Small But Mighty

Midori may only be a little program, but it supports many of the most popular parts of the web, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Rdio.

rdio in Midori

On The Cutting Edge

Midori is blazing fast, utilizing the latest web technologies and a small
but dexterous array of extensions provide all the essential features.


HTML 5 + CSS 3

Midori handles all the latest web technologies like HTML 5 and CSS3. Listen to music on Rdio, play a game of Angry Birds, and more.



The lightweight webkit rendering engine lends it the same supremacy in speed that has spurred the growth of Google Chrome.

Open Source

Open Source

Midori’s source code is freely available for anyone to download and modify, leading to active development and a diverse feature set.

Simply Beautiful

Midori is carefully crafted by skilled designers and coders, right down to the last pixel.

All About Privacy

Midori features built-in privacy tools, including script disabling, third-party cookie blocking, stripping referrer details and automatic history clearing after a set amount of time.

There’s also an integrated adblocker and cookie manager installed (but not enabled) under the included extensions.

Available (Almost) Everywhere

You can install Midori on Windows, a variety of Linux distributions, or run a portable version for use across several computers.

” … clever design … “

Midori, Make Tech Easier

” … fast … “

Midori, CNET

” … snappier … “

Midori Vs. Epiphany, Tech Drive-In

” Midori is lightning fast “

” Midori’s secret weapon is that it’s based on WebKit. “

Midori, Softpedia

” … Midori is great … “


We’d love it if you would consider donating. Midori is an open-source, non-profit project, but the developers still get hungry.