Midori is the new browser for Astian OS

Midori is a browser that was created in the 2007 project initiated by Christian Dywan. Its features are:Motor WebKit. Marker management Management of tabs and sessions. Complete integration GTK + 2 and GTK + 3. Light and intuitive. HTML5 suppo...

Preparing for Chemnitz 19 March 2016

Freshly printed Midori stickers just arrived, in November the last ones of the old batch were being given out to visitors of the OpenRheinRuhr. So I ordered new ones at FlyerAlarm, a print company based in Würzburg, Austria. This time around I went for circular ones and slightler smaller than they used to be. This [...]

Heads or tails

As things go we diverged a bit from the original plan of making a big compatibility break with this release. Instead much of the original branch has been broken off into pieces that made their way into trunk. We did however bump WebKit2, libSoup and Zeitgeist dependencies. The most visible change is support for CSD, [...]