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Another month ends with a release of everyone’s favorite lightweight web browser. Midori 7 is in many ways a stabilizing release. If you were having problems with YouTube or invisible text cursors you can say goodbye to these bugs now. There have also been fixes for urlbar autocompletion, and notably ” ” once again tells Midori that whatever you’re typing is a search – if you didn’t know this: you can type ” example.com” or “example.com ” and even though it looks like a domain name the space will give you search results instead!

If you download the occasional file with Midori you may appreciate that download notification bubbles are back. And if you’re already looking at the browser the download button in the toolbar is highlighted until you check out your completed files.

Should web apps be your thing you’ll appreciate some under-the-hood fixes related to keyboard input, opening external links and notifications: Midori doesn’t require the user to allow notifications. Instead the potential for abuse is limited by only showing at most one notification at a time for a particular website (on that note, location permissions still have to be granted by the user).

Proxy server anyone? A great way to connect to a VPN, Tor or your company’s network. The UX for custom proxy settings is back from its one month vacation!

Last but not least, Midori 7 will use more processes to render your tabs which should make browsing the web even more reliable and responsive.

Get the snap or download Midori 7 now (1.8 MB)

Disclaimer: There’s currently no working build of the latest WebKit2 for Windows or MacOS so there’s no binary release for these systems for now.

Join us on Telegram or Freenode IRC to celebrate the release!

Back from OpenRheinRuhr 🐮🐸🤩🎂

A couple of us went to a city called Oberhausen in Germany to setup a booth at OpenRheinRuhr.  Once again armed with a raspberry pie, a monitor and loads of Midori stickers a plain gray table was turned very green.

mind the cow 🐮 – but don’t click it or it vanishes into fat air

The latest Midori 6 was running on a raspberry pie for folks to try out. With a little bit of help from the amazing organizers we also manged to secure some green frogs 🐸 and super sour mint sticks (most of which were gone by the end of the conference).

Besides munging on candy we also squashed a few bugs (#164, #153, #154, #155) and filed those discovered by attendees that we didn’t get to (#162, #160, #159).

nothing says celebration like a big creamy raspberry cake 🎂 (alas not a raspberry pie, ha)

Of course just having gotten Midori 6 out the door last week we had a little celebration at the booth 🤩🎂.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by. This was an awesome weekend, if exhausting!

All for One, One for All 🎃😴🐾😼

Today isn’t just Halloween 🎃, but also release day for Midori 6. Some of you reading this will be thinking… but the project was abandoned, wasn’t it? Well, fortunately not. This little cat just needed a bit of rest 😴  – you know how cats are, they seem to be sleeping all day, you’re not quite sure if they are dead or alive… but in reality that feisty cat is out and about all the time 🐾😼!

What’s new in Midori 6?

The browser core 🔧 was rewritten completely in Vala with GTK+3 and WebKit2 in mind, leaving behind a whole lot of legacy code. Various different build configurations were ultimately taking a toll on developing new features. Now everything is based on nice and modern components like Gtk.Application, Gtk.Stack, GLib.ListModel and Gtk.ListBox, UI definitions in Gtk.Builder XML and GLib.Resource.

Extensions 📦 have also become simpler yet more powerful at the same time: thanks to libPeas any component can expose a plugin interface, transparently support Python 🐍 and Private Browsing 🕵️ aka Incognito Mode or Web App Mode.

In user-facing terms the most visible change will be Tabs on Top 📑, a cleaner and slicker completion popover and generally cleaned-up toolbars and menus!

It has to be said some features and extensions didn’t make it into the release. The good thing is, this time around you can actually write some Python code and retroactively add that favorite feature of yours! 🤓😏 Of course you’re also welcome to file a bug report or feature request and we’ll see what can be done about it! Go get it tiger!

Get the snap or download Midori 6 now (1.8 MB)

Disclaimer: There’s currently no working build of the latest WebKit2 for Windows or MacOS so there’s no binary release for these systems for now.

Join us on Telegram or Freenode IRC to celebrate Halloweenthe release!

Back from FrOSCon

Last weekend a few of us went to setup a booth at FrOSCon. With loads of stickers and a Raspberry Pi to demo the stable and the upcoming version.

Can you spot the Raspberry Pi in the photo?

In case you’re wondering about the white marshmallow mice… the booth next to us was Xfce, which has a mouse in its logo, and that’s also the desktop environment that was running on the demo machine.

“Community kann Kontext. Filter nicht.”

Note also the shiny Midori mug, which you can also get in the new shop – there’s also t-shirts and bags so be sure to check it out!


Is Midori dead? – It sure as hell isn’t!

A popular question at FrOSCon!

Plenty of people stopped by the booth, despite the bad weather hitting us by surprise, with all sorts of questions. And “Is Midori dead?” is a popular question these days. That cat has certainly been napping a while. But I feel like some people were very happy to find out that development is  going on and there’s a new release on the horizon not too far in the future!

How does November sound for a release?


In the beginning there was a website

Actually that’s not true. Midori started out as a tarball. No website or even version control at first! Hard to imagine now, right?

More importantly the current website of the Midori Web Browser hasn’t been updated for a while and could use some fresh paint so to speak. So here it is, a brand new blog. Watch this space for exciting news concerning development, documentation and whatever else around your favorite light web browser!

Preparing for Chemnitz 19 March 2016

Freshly printed Midori stickers just arrived, in November the last ones of the old batch were being given out to visitors of the OpenRheinRuhr. So I ordered new ones at FlyerAlarm, a print company based in Würzburg, Austria. This time around I went for circular ones and slightler smaller than they used to be. This size also fits better on phones and tablets for those who like to decorate theirs with stickers. You might also notice that the colors are better and the graphic comes out better – fixes to the SVG will be finding their way into the repository soon.


With the new stickers I’m well-prepared for Chemnitz Linux Days this march, in a little more than a fortnight. There will be a Midori booth there. Be sure to add the weekend of March 19 and 20 to your calendars!

Heads or tails

Midori featuring headerbar and Adblock in the toolbarAs things go we diverged a bit from the original plan of making a big compatibility break with this release. Instead much of the original branch has been broken off into pieces that made their way into trunk. We did however bump WebKit2, libSoup and Zeitgeist dependencies. The most visible change is support for CSD, client side decorations, also called header bars after the API in GTK+3.10 (enabled via GTK_CSD=1). With no further adue here goes Midori 0.5.11 with a whole lot of nice things and a ton of bug fixes! Peek at the change log if you want more details.


So download Midori v0.5.11 now (1.2 MB)

The source tarball is up. Windows is going to follow suit shortly, and others are still being refreshed, so be patient if the option of your choice isn’t there just yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on irc.freenode.net and party for the release!

Ballet (or: 0.5.9)

Seven months of sweat and tears… oh well, not quite so dramatic. In any event Midori 0.5.9 is out!

We’re already scheming… I mean planning for the next cycle. We want to go WebKit2 and GTK+3 only now and do away with the fourfold compatibility setup. Anyone who finds this thrilling is more than welcome to join in; the fun is going to start soon.

So download Midori v0.5.9 now (1.2 MB)

The source tarball and Windows download are up, while others are still being refreshed, so be patient if the option of your choice isn’t there just yet.

You are welcome to join #midori on irc.freenode.net or Slack and party for the release!

Midori booth at OpenRheinRuhr 2014

At OpenRheinRuhr 2014 we had a Midori booth again. Almost didn’t happen due to the strike of Deutsche Bahn which caused many people to miss the event. Fortunately my humble self made it.

In addition to stickers, this time around we even had edible gummi paws!

Midori booth

Amongst the most posed questions was process isolation, something WebKit2 provides, and which will be available to everyone soon once our plan to move fully towards GTK+3, WebKit2 and Vala is put in motion. The other one was why Midori crashed so often – which is due to the at least 4 primary build configurations currently available. I’m very much looking forward to seeing this go away at some point in the future.

Pretty happy with the results personally, was able to get a decent number of people curious to try out Midori and in one instance even install it on site.