Armadillo girdled lizard sighted at Linux Days Prague

Last weekend the Linux Days 2019 took place in Prague, Czechia at the Faculty of Information Technologyies of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Although armadillo girdled lizards typically prefer warmer climates on account of being reptiles, fierce little mascot of the Midori Web Browser made its way to the conference!

While the level of conversational English skills of visitors varied a lot, and our proficiency in the Czech language was rather lacking, we still had some good conversations and exciting impromptu demo sessions where people among other things tried running JSLinux in Midori – if you didn’t know, this is a port of the Linux kernel to Javascript, so you can run it from within your web browser.

Interestingly enough people at the booth were mostly users with little technical background and not developers. Popular topics were around privacy, different hardware and rendering engines – as we’ve recently started Midori for Android and even more recently Midori Next which is based on QtWebEngine this was also a rather exciting topic to get into!

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