Looking back on a great FrOSCon

Some of us went to FrOSCon last weekend. What’s a FrOSCon you might ask, can you eat that? No but they did have pretty good food there. 😋️😉️

We setup our typical table with a demo monitor on black and green table cloths. Plenty of stickers up for grabs, now also featuring our beloved mascot, the armadillo girdled lizard and the Astian foundation. And, too, some healthy green grapes and jellies (gotta have a balanced diet).

Some very interesting conversations came up around tabbar UX, bookmarks and how to enhance and also optimize the speed dial. And a bug was found in the latest release that broke opening new windows via ^n (Ctrl+n). A few issues were filed on GitHub.

People also asked about Android – checkout Midori for Android on GitLab. We’re still working on bringing the process on par with what we have on GitHub, and do proper milestones and releases. We’re planning to get out a beta soon, so stay tuned!

We also learned how amazing the Quokka is. A couple of visitors walked up to the booth saying “There’s something wrong with this” pointing at the demo monitor. And then they put in a DuckDuckGo image search for Quokka. You will probably agree, if you didn’t know yet what a Quokka is, you love it now!

2 thoughts on “Looking back on a great FrOSCon”

  1. you guys are making a very nice and interesting browser. competition on engines is what should save the Internet from monopolists who simply earn on user data. You work openly to the Internet user and try for people. thank!

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