Midori, Sync me baby one more time

Some of you have been wondering why there wasn’t a release yet. Things were looking pretty good with the 8/ 4 cycle. Well, the first rule of release was, is and probably always will be, release day is when the release is done. And somebody has to actually do it as well. Around the end of the cycle there was nobody available to work on the remaining items in the milestone and as a consequence the release was pushed back a little.

Midori Browser a lightweight browser, sure that respects and promotes the freedom of users with an exceptional work team made up of Christian Dywan, Luis Coronel and a special thanks to Maurizio Galli as main developers among others, today we announce the release of version 9.0 with many new features.

Among the main features we have:

  • Use OpenGraph images for Speed Dial shortcuts.
  • Flatpak Support
  • Better support for Javascript popups.
  • (Re)store pinned tabs in the session.
  • Re-introduce the Trust (certificate) button.
  • Avoid key input recursion causing high CPU.
  • Close Tab/ Other context menu items.
  • Paste and Proceed option in the urlbar.
  • Better urlbar suggestion escaping.
  • Web extensions: Support for a sidebar action (experimental).
  • Merge app and page menu into one.
  • Better focus handling of re-opened and background tabs.
  • Show volume icon for tabs playing music.

The news proposed in this version follow a work plan that can be entered with the GitHub repository in order to provide a better browsing experience, privacy and security for users. A new version of Midori Browser for Android hosted in Gitlab will be announced in the coming days, keeping the minimalist, simple and intuitive design.

4 thoughts on “Midori, Sync me baby one more time”

  1. Hello first, I would like to congratulate the developers on the amazing browser. and secondly, I would like to ask you some questions:

    1 when snap version will be updated to version 9

    2 where can I report bugs or suggest features

    3 should i use the snap or flatpak version?

    1. Hi Kaio thanks for your words and congratulations that motivates us to continue working. Answering your questions.

      1 version 9 is now available in the snap and flathub.
      2 To report errors you can do it in the github repository please and then in gitlab.
      3 You can use the extension that is best for you.


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