Back TaT – Midori for Android

The new Back TaT version of Midori Browser, is already in the oven, that’s right, it’s already cooking and going full steam ahead, a version inspired by the renewal and resumption of something that was slow due to the organization and sanitation of the team.

Users will find the following features

  • Tabs
  • Bookmark
  • Desktop version view
  • History
  • Share the links
  • Low weight and low data consumption.

In this new version where the base and the pillars of this project are felt, it will continue to evolve, improve, and strengthen with the passage of time and in each version.

Led by Luis Coronel, the main developer of the project for Android, Christian Dywan, and Alfonso Hernandez with a community of more than 100 people working day and night to bring all users an innovative, lightweight project that respects, promotes and respects privacy. soon you can also find us on F-Droid and App Store Apple.

You can find us at

8 thoughts on “Back TaT – Midori for Android”

  1. I congratulate you for your work with the Midori browser, I’ve been using Midori for many years and I’m very satisfied. Greetings from Spain.

  2. Jesse-David A Gearhart


    Just started using Midori web browser and I’ve gotta say it’s impressive.

    Just tried to put it on android. And as I like the minimalist design, I cannot seem to get the other 2 options on the address bar. The tabs button or the 3 dots button.

    So I was wondering, is there a specific way I am to download this version?

    Thanks a lot for the project! I am here to support it and will try and spread the word 🙂

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