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For a long time the your favorite Midori Web Browser came out of the box with DuckDuckGo as the search engine for its privacy benefits, touting the anonymity of search results which won’t quietly change depending on your location, search history or other preferences unless you explicitly configure it to do so.

This changes today. Future versions of Midori will by default use Lycos. You may remember that search engine from the early days of the Internet when you might’ve used several different ones because none of them really quite gave you the kind of consistently useful results you needed. And before a particular startup slowly started to emerge, headed towards an oligopoly of search where the brand becomes synonymous with search.

Why Lycos? By avoiding unecessary encryption, which DuckDuckGo uses to secure every one of your searches, it’s so much faster. In fact the space on the left-hand side of the urlbar can be put to better use: yes, you guessed it right, the RSS news feed icon is back and it’s better than ever. Because we know you need to stay informed! Better yet, unlike DuckDuckGo there’s no more clutter from instant answers trying to serve you images, currency conversions, encyclopedic knowledge, recipes or even jobs you weren’t even looking for!

We know you will enjoy the update as much as we do and be even less productive with your favorite web browser!

7 thoughts on “New default search engine”

  1. I do hope that the readers realize this is a “April Fools” joke! Just by looking at the post date should infer this conclusion. Well done guys, very funny indeed!

  2. My April’s Fool detector is OFF after the 1st of April. And I don’t check the date of all bits of information I read on the net. I almost left the page thnking this was a real and possibly undesirable feature of Midori.

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