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Many interesting things are happening with Midori these days. Towards the end of last year we made some big architectural changes that were long overdue, got talking with various package maintainers and made an updated roadmap with new and exciting milestones. And you might’ve noticed the on-going changes to the website!

A very exciting move just around new year’s eve was actually Midori joining the Astian foundation, which means embracing a huge community of Midori aficionados and actually taking a step towards taking over the world having a more global presence 🌎. Obviously Midori has users in all sorts of countries these days, but meeting up has historically always been more practical within Europe. And more generally growing a better sense of what users of different cultural backgrounds need and care about goes far beyond localization in the technical sense. On that note, we’ve started looking into connecting official local groups as well, such as a Spanish-speaking Telegram group to give community members a voice who’re not fluent in English. and I have a feeling that’s just the first of several such steps.

Another item I’m personally most excited about is cross-browser web extensions. Originally made popular by a certain big company that started out revolutionizing how we search the web, years before DuckDuckGo was around, more browsers started adopting a standardized extension system much like HTML5 was standardized. Which means enjoying all the greatness of Midori doesn’t have to come at the cost of being able to use your most beloved extensions you’re used to. This one is really a bit of a teaser because this is still under heavy development. So stay tuned for more. Also, there will be a new series on the blog detailing why cross-browser web extensions are that exciting, so stay tuned!

Android anyone? Midori has been ported to all sorts of platforms and devices in the past but shied away from those peculiar robots until now. But it turns out, green cats can actually get used to androids and they’re not that scary at the end of the day (yes, this is really a metaphor for the technical background). And who knows, maybe the cat has a paw on certain other mobile phones as well soon. 🐾

Want to get involved? Join us on Telegram (Spanish-speaking?) or on #midori in the Freenode IRC network!

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