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Another month ends with a release of everyone’s favorite lightweight web browser. Midori 7 is in many ways a stabilizing release. If you were having problems with YouTube or invisible text cursors you can say goodbye to these bugs now. There have also been fixes for urlbar autocompletion, and notably ” ” once again tells Midori that whatever you’re typing is a search – if you didn’t know this: you can type ” example.com” or “example.com ” and even though it looks like a domain name the space will give you search results instead!

If you download the occasional file with Midori you may appreciate that download notification bubbles are back. And if you’re already looking at the browser the download button in the toolbar is highlighted until you check out your completed files.

Should web apps be your thing you’ll appreciate some under-the-hood fixes related to keyboard input, opening external links and notifications: Midori doesn’t require the user to allow notifications. Instead the potential for abuse is limited by only showing at most one notification at a time for a particular website (on that note, location permissions still have to be granted by the user).

Proxy server anyone? A great way to connect to a VPN, Tor or your company’s network. The UX for custom proxy settings is back from its one month vacation!

Last but not least, Midori 7 will use more processes to render your tabs which should make browsing the web even more reliable and responsive.

Get the snap or download Midori 7 now (1.8 MB)

Disclaimer: There’s currently no working build of the latest WebKit2 for Windows or MacOS so there’s no binary release for these systems for now.

Join us on Telegram or Freenode IRC to celebrate the release!

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  2. Midori7 has just appeared on Voidlinux. I’m still testing.
    There’s someting amiss with the colours on this site, as in the name and text input fields I see white text on white background – or to be correct, do /not/ see 😉

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  5. I haven’t been able to find any WebKit browsers for Windows at all recently. Are there still plans to revive the Windows version in the future? Lately I’ve been having to run Linux in a virtual machine whenever I want to test pages against WebKit on Windows, because it just flat doesn’t exist anywhere.

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  7. I’m using ubuntu cosmic and I tried midori 7.0.1 with snap and different packages in the official ubuntu and debian repos. I noticed that midori can not open external links (i.g. links at the twitter page). I thought that may be a webkit problem, but epiphany browser worked without any problem. Please work on this situtation and evaluate that libicu63 may be a dependency or not.

  8. I really like the concept of a lightwieght browser!
    Is there a mac version that I can use?
    I will be following your progress

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