Back from OpenRheinRuhr 🐮🐸🤩🎂

A couple of us went to a city called Oberhausen in Germany to setup a booth at OpenRheinRuhr.  Once again armed with a raspberry pie, a monitor and loads of Midori stickers a plain gray table was turned very green.

mind the cow 🐮 – but don’t click it or it vanishes into fat air

The latest Midori 6 was running on a raspberry pie for folks to try out. With a little bit of help from the amazing organizers we also manged to secure some green frogs 🐸 and super sour mint sticks (most of which were gone by the end of the conference).

Besides munging on candy we also squashed a few bugs (#164, #153, #154, #155) and filed those discovered by attendees that we didn’t get to (#162, #160, #159).

nothing says celebration like a big creamy raspberry cake 🎂 (alas not a raspberry pie, ha)

Of course just having gotten Midori 6 out the door last week we had a little celebration at the booth 🤩🎂.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by. This was an awesome weekend, if exhausting!

2 thoughts on “Back from OpenRheinRuhr 🐮🐸🤩🎂”

  1. Thank you for the new release. I’m presently using it on Voidlinux to write this comment.
    Would have loved a piece of that cake and the green sweets to — anz chance to have green paw shaped treats via the online shop?

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