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Last weekend a few of us went to setup a booth at FrOSCon. With loads of stickers and a Raspberry Pi to demo the stable and the upcoming version.

Can you spot the Raspberry Pi in the photo?

In case you’re wondering about the white marshmallow mice… the booth next to us was Xfce, which has a mouse in its logo, and that’s also the desktop environment that was running on the demo machine.

“Community kann Kontext. Filter nicht.”

Note also the shiny Midori mug, which you can also get in the new shop – there’s also t-shirts and bags so be sure to check it out!


Is Midori dead? – It sure as hell isn’t!

A popular question at FrOSCon!

Plenty of people stopped by the booth, despite the bad weather hitting us by surprise, with all sorts of questions. And “Is Midori dead?” is a popular question these days. That cat has certainly been napping a while. But I feel like some people were very happy to find out that development is  going on and there’s a new release on the horizon not too far in the future!

How does November sound for a release?


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